Cascarilla and Valeriana Teas

These workers for the Taxi Cooperative, working on the land adjacent to mine, were talking about herbs with me. And they said they had valerian and cascarilla on their land, They brought it today. And planted the valerian for me!

Cascarilla is a very long, tall tree which has the benefits and caffeine of Guayusa. For strength of the body and bones, You use the bark, to protect against evil. He brought me a whole big bag of stripped bark which I’m to dry in the sun.The finely ground outer bark of this large, tropical shrub is known for its medicinal properties that included reducing fevers, operating as an expectorant, and even clearing flatulence. These workers said it’s especially for the bones. In fact, the word cascarilla refers to any kind of outer skin or husk.

Valeriana smells like lemongrass, and looks like it, the leaves and smells like it. But the roots are  a great sedative. My friend is using it for his seizures and having great success! from one a day to one a week! (See my recipe for Valerian Tea by typing it in to the search engine on the front page of this blog.)

Recipe of the Day - Cascarilla Tea

3 3" strips cascarilla bark
1 pot water

Directions: Bring the pot of water to almost aboil.
Turn off the heat abd drop in the bark. Let steep for twenty minutes.

Word of the Day - cascarilla - bark

Tip of the Day - Use for only a few days a t a time. It's ver potent and not meant to be used for long periods.

Herbal Pain-Relief Shots

Clients and family were describing my reiki session. I think they forgot I was in the room. I was stting in the floor, and looked down when they started talking. The teenager said, “Wait, it’s really not reiki.” The others chimed in. “Yes, it is. She lays her hands on you. She opens the chakras.” Another added, “She sees and reads your aura. She reads it and sees colors and pain. And heat.” “But mostly it’s clairvoyance,” the Dad interjected. “She goes out of her body, That’s the Shaman training,” my friend said.  They all became silent, I think they were deciding what to share. But I couldn’t have done a better job explaining it myself. Every session is so different. And honestly, sometimes I’m super quiet and still. in it’s simplest form, it’s the “laying on of hands.” But they sure were open with each other, talking about it all. What a great family!

Recipe of the Day – Pain-Relief Shots

1 tsp. dried kratom

1 tsp. liquid valerian

1 tsp. liquid passionflower

1 tsp. dried chamomile flowere

1 tsp. dried nettles

1 pot water

Directions: Put the dried herbs in a tea ball or tight-meshed sieve. Bring water to almost a boil, the. turn off heat. Pour water over herbs snd let steep for twenty minutes. Add the liquid herbs amd stir. Pour into dark-colored bottles and store in a dark, cool place, away from the sun. Drink one shot as needed for pain.

Word of the Day – dolor – pain

Tip of the Day – Make this recipe when you’re not in pain. That way you will have them when needed.

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Valerian Tea

Today was the 101th anniversary of Vilcabamba, so there were parades, the free symphony performing in the church, little kids marching, and teens with their band, friends to sit and have tea with,  so fun! But the main thing is, the perfection of the camera arriving today from my ex, and that it worked, even after being three weeks in the mail,  what! So I got take pics of everything, then run home and charge it fast. I got some goodies from Franco, the organic gardener who sells his produce in front of the Juice Factory, a few bamboo stalks for a dollar, and some almond butter, fresh strawberry and pineapple jam sin azucar, without sugar, some greens and butter beans. Also bought a cup of fruit from a vendor for a dollar. Let her cut it up, right? Then came home to find my phone was missing. But in not less than three minutes, Roberto arrived with it, to tell me that I had dropped it in the street outside the Vet’s office, where Tiko had his last shot. And that Dr. Pablo had picked it up and called him to bring it to me. What a town!

Recipe of the Day: Valerian Root Tea


1 tea kettle

1 quart water

1 Valerian Root (or 1

tsp. powdered herb of Valerian)

touch of Stevia (if its too bitter for you)


Boil the water. Then pour over the herb and let sit for twenty minutes. To have a sound, sound, baby-like sleep, I drink three-four cups, one every hour before bedtime. It’s a deep sedative, used by all the women of my family for years, as well as to reduce anxiety, help with digestion, for depression, and to have lucid dreams.

Word of the Day: fiesta – party

Tip of the Day: Even thought it’s a wonderful, close-knit town, people visit from other areas constantly. Keep your valuables close. Several years ago, a friend of mine visiting Vilca was sitting in a cafe with her family. There was a distraction outside, and when she turned around, her laptop was missing, finito, gone for good.

The people there said it was probably kids from the next town, planning the distraction and carrying out the deed. She also had her fannie-pack slit open in the crowd at the Quito airport, from underneath, where her passport and money was taken without her even noticing! So always keep a watchful eye on your belongings while traveling!

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