Mango Coconut Popsicles – Only Three Ingredients!

So, I came in to town to meet Joy, right? And there she is with a present from my daughter, huh? Clare paypaled her the money and asked her to go get me chocolate for Christmas, and she did! She wanted me to have a present to open  for Chrismas. And I was just about to go buy cacao powder, when there she handed me  the powdered chocolate, gorgeous chocolate syrup and three different chocolate bars!!! Holy cow, that was fun. And my ex- sent the Juice Factory money for smoothies! So of course we broke up the chocolate ginger bar and put it in the smmothi! I am one lucky gal.

Recipe of the Day – 3-Ingredient Mango Coconut Popsicles


  • 2 c. diced fresh mango
  • 1/2 c. coconut milk
  • The cream of one young coconut


  1. Blend the mango and the coconut milk and cream in a blender until smooth. Taste to see if you need any more sweetening.
  2. Pour the mixture into the popsicle or ice cube trays.
  3. Freeze for 35 minutes and gently insert popsicle sticks.
  4. Freeze until solid.

Word of the Day – por supuesto – of course

Tip of the Day – After blending, add a couple drops of stevia or honey, if you’d like it sweeter. Or papaya and a banana, if you want your popsicles creamier!


B’s Mango Chocolate Shake

Story from L, a friend of mine, on Paul Newman. Lollie came from Connecticut, and one time Paul Newman and Joanne came into their store! –  “It was 2007, so he was pretty old, but still gorgeous. We laughed about how he came to my college so many years ago to stump for a candidate for president. I showed him a photo of himself! Joanne was so great. She ordered sandwiches and said she had always loved the store. I remained calm…UNTIL THEY LEFT! Then I danced all around the store with my employees and we called everyone we knew!!! hahahaha. So fun.”

Recipe of the Day – Mango Chocolate Shake


3/4 c. raw milk, oat, seed or nut milk

3-4 small frozen bananas

1 avocado

1 mango

2 eggs

1/4 c. cacao powder

Directions: Peel and cut the fruit. Blend together with the rest of the ingredients.

Word of the Day – famoso – famous

Tip of the Day – It’s interesting that many people have told me they didn’t drink milk until they came to Vilcabamba. Perhaps the lack of hormones in the fresh milk makes it more digestible?

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Lemon Cinnamon Dried Fruit

You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing. You don’t have to do anything to earn it. Your shortcomings, your lack of self-esteem, physical perfection, or social and economic success… none of that matters. No one can take this love away from you, and it will always be here. – Ram Dass

Recipe of the Day – Dried Fruit


Several bananas, apples, mango and papaya

Juice of one large lemon

1 tsp. cinnamon per tray

Directions: Wash and cut up the fruit. The thinner it is, the faster it will dry. I like mine in lengths, lately. Squeeze lemon juice overall and sprinkle with cinnamon. Dry in your dehyrator at 105 degrees F. for 24 hours. Keep checking. There should be no feeling of moisture, yet a hint of bend-ability to your fruit. That’s how I like it. You could do them ’til they’re crisp, if you like.

Word/Phrase of the Day – Eres amado – You are loved

Tip of the Day – It’s great to have dried fruit around,w ithout sugar, for an evening snack…anytime you don’t want to eat but need something to satisfy your tummy and palate.

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Green Dream Smoothie

I wish I could whistle. I would whistle for Tiko and whistle for the taxi drivers!

Recipe of the Day – Green Dream Smoothie


1/2 avocado

handful kale

handful spinach

1 mango, peeled and cut

1 T. peanut butter

1 c. coconut milk

Directions: Blend.

Word of the Day – easiness=Facilidad

Tip of the Day – You can project your voice to get a taxi driver. Nod your head, wave. It all works unless they’re not looking!

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Kratom Mango Ice Cream

Five days ago, my daughter Clare had great pain relief from her rotator cuff pain, with this herb called Kratom from Indonesia. She got it in Bozeman, Montana. She had been in severe pain  for years, and the pain went down 80%, immediately. She was so happy!

I talked with Clare, who still feels amazing today. That herb works in minutes. She took it and watched the clock. She is SO dang happy. She said to tell everyone, that it works like an opiate, but is not an opiate and non-addictive and has no side-effects Google it, I did! You can get it at Mellow Mood, ColdSmoke, and the Grateful Shed in Bozeman. It was cheaper at Mellow Mood. 32$ for 3oz or 12$ for 1oz, she says. Her friend went off the addiction to opiates with this herb from Thailand!
Clare woke up yesterday with ZERO pain, and again today. She was so elated. We talked about taking a break from the herbs, in case the body builds up a resistance to it, so that was good. I take a break from all my supplements two days a week, for instance. She backed off to 1. 5 tsp. as she felt a little jittery. And her skin is so clear and her digestion is amazing, she says! What a miracle. But she says it tastes, not that good, like a mix between henna and maca, ha ha! So put it in your drinks or smoothies, or mango ice cream!

Recipe of the Day – Mango Ice Cream

2 frozen bananas
3-4 strawberries,
2 frozen mangoes

1 1/2 tsp. Kratom

Directions: Use the Omega Juicer with the flat screen and oval nozzle. Put all ingredients in and mix thoroughly. Or use a blender, an ice cream maker, or just the freezer, stirring every 20 minutes. Add the kratom to your first bite.

Word of the Day – hombro – shoulder

Tip of the Day – Herbs seem so bunko to some people. Often the most simplest of things turns out to be the cure. Peppermint for your tummy, chamomile for your skin, aloe for boo-boos, and kratom for pain!

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Banana Destruction of Mango

i went up to My friends’ house this morning. If I go at 7 a.m. i can have as much alfalfa as I can juice! Today they gave me these gorgeous small mangoes from their tree. Supposedly you can eat the skin, too! I took the ugliest one that was mushy on one side and cut into it with my pocket knife, I ate that half on the way home, throwing the seed into the bushes. Whoaaa….you have never tasted a more delicious mango in your life. Tiko gladly licked my hand.

Recipe of the Day – Banana Destruction of Mango

2 mangoes, peeled and sliced
2 T. tahini
3/4 c. water
2 frozen bananas
dash vanilla
2 soaked dates

Directions: Wash and peel the mangoes. Slice into pieces and scoop out. Lay them on a plate. To make the ice cream, blend the rest of the ingredients and pour over the mangoes, oh….my…gosh.

Word of the Day – desayuno – breakfast

Tip of the Day – Instead of the tahini, try nut/seed milk of any kind, or 1 T. almond butter or cashew butter with the same amount of water. Top with blueberries, strawberries, cacao nibs, coconut, cinnamon, peppermint, chocolate sauce, etc…

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Glazed, Grilled Mango

You know, after doing bulletin boards in classrooms and celebrating holidays with schoolchildren foe 23 years, I don’t give a fig about Valentine’s Day. But, the evening before, I thought, randomly, “what would you like for Valentine’s Day, Dorothy? The sun had just come brilliantly out after several days of rain, and I answered right away with, “A motorcycle ride.” And guess what! The next day, the gardener offered me a ride into town on his motorcyle, first time in over two years, no kidding! And it was a beautiful, sunny and breezy as anyone could imagine,

Recipe of the Day – Grilled Mango


1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/8 teaspoon ground hot chili, such as Aji Amarillo, Chipotle, or cayenne
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 ripe mangoes, peeled, cut into 1-inch thick slices


In a small saucepan overwdium- high heat, boil, thrn simmer the balsamic vinegar for 5 minutes to reduce by half. Stir in olive oil, chili, and salt. Cool.
Soak the mango slices in the marinade 2 to 3 hours or overnight. Heat a grill over medium-high heat. Grill the mango in batches on lightly oiled grill rack, turning once, until browned and slightly softened, about 5 minutes total. Drizzle with remaining balsamic glaze.

Word of the Day – moto – motorcycle

Tip of the Day – Go ahead and dream for fun!

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orange rice

Orange Rice

My neighbor, a wonderful Ecuatoriana named Rosa, told me that Tiko was poisoned. She held me tightly and said, “Somos amigos,” (We are friends). It was my fault he got out Monday night. I forgot to close the terrace door, and he evidently went out at night and visited the neighbors, scared their chickens, and Rosa heard the men speak of poisoning him. Tiko wouldn’t walk yesterday nor eat his food. I gave him charcoal last night and rushed him to the vets. this morning, Dr Pablo showed me his nostrils and butt were bleeding, poor Tiko! After two hours of an I.V with medications, we went and rested at the Juice Factory, where Tiko slept at my feet, and are now back home. What would I do without Rosa and Dr. Pablo?!!

Geez. Thats the third time to the vet for Tiko these two years: the spine in his foor surgery, the ball of pus in his neck six months ago, and now this. Do dogs have karma they need to work out?

Tiko just made it inside the gate after his vet appointment, Toto coming to check on him.

Recipe of the Day – Orange Rice


1 teaspoon grated orange zest

1 1/2 c.  orange juice

1 T. coconut oil

1 orange pepper, washed and sliced in lengths

1 1/2 c. cooked brown rice

1  mandarin orange  in segments

I mango peeled, cut into pieces

1 tsp. paprika

options: papaya, orange, dried red pepper, passionfruit, coconut
In a saucepan over medium-high heat, combine the orange zest, orange juice, and butter. Bring to a boil, and stir in rice. Cover, and simmer 45 minutes. Remove from heat. Let stand 5 minutes. Mix in mandarin orange and mango segments, and serve immediately.

Word of the Day – venemo – poison

Tip of the Day – Don’t use poisons around your animals, The vet said the tomato insecticide here kills an animal within three minutes.
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Chia Chia Bang Bang Smoothie

My wonderful ex-husband bought me a Christmas gift, ready? He emailed the Juice Factory, paypaled them money so that I would have a week of smoothies, what! Wow! So all week I’ve been having free smoothies, so fun!

Recipe of the Day – Chia Chia Bang Bang


1 c. Frozen mango

1 c. Frozen banana

1 c. Orange juice

1 pinch vanilla powder

2 tsp. Chia seeds

Directions: Blend.

Word of the Day – bought – compro

Tip of the Day – If you chop your fruit ahead of time, and put them in little bags in your freezer, they will make a perfect smoothie, ready to go! Never let fruit go bad. Put it in th freezer!

Savannah and Marina’s Mango Dream

My ex-husband just wrote me this wonderful story-

On Nov 5, 2016, at 7:39 PM, K wrote:

“So this cool thing just happened –

I just spent 3 days on the road, to Bismark, ND, Rapid City, SD, and Billings, MT doing a store set-up with a company that I’ve done this for a couple times before, and I decided to treat myself to dinner out – something I pretty much never do, but hey – there’s a per diem involved with this job, so what-the-hell, y’know?

So anyway, I’ve just finished an endless-shrimp dinner at Red Lobster in Billings. I ask for the check, and the waitress says, “Somebody just did a, “pay it forward thing,” for the next person’s meal, so yours is free!”

Isn’t that cool?!

So I told her, “Y’know, I’m gonna get a big check from this job I’ve just done, so…” I pointed to a guy and gal who just sat down a few tables away, with a 4-year old and a baby in a basket, and said, “Could you just pass it on to that table?” She seemed a little surprised, but isn’t it a cool thing that someone did that for me – a total stranger?”

Savannah and her Smoothie
Savannah and her Smoothie

Recipe of the Day – Mango Smoothie


1 c. mango

1 frozen banana

1/2 c. cashews

1 c. water or coconut juice


Blend the cashews and a little water first. Then add the rest and blend until creamy.

Word of the Day – pagar – to pay

Tip of the Day –  You can pay it forward without money, too, by doing something nice, pulling out a chair, leaving a little gift, smiling!

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