Honey Lavender Hot Chocolate

I’ll bet you’re wondering how Lucas is doing! Well, wonderful! If you recall, he had hip dysplasia, due to what one Vet said was a herniated disc – and the other in town said “long-dog” syndrome. But then, when we went in for his degradation in health, they found tick and mite disease. The nurse said, “When the meds kick in, his hips will be better.” And sure enough, that’s what happened. As soon as his system cleared up, so did his hips! He still has the tiniest sway in his hips, but is running like mad, stealing socks, taking paper from the waste can, and playing with Tiko, like a puppy again! I am SO happy for him, and for us! Love you, Lucas!

Recipe of the Day – Lavender Hot Chocolate


2 c. almond or coconut milk

1/8 c. cacao powder

2 tsp. honey, or 3 drops Honey-Flavored Stevia, liquid

pinch turmeric

2 grains pepper

2 grains salt.

1 sprig of lavender, ground fine

  1. Place milk and cacao in a small sauce pan and turn to medium heat. Whisk until dissolved.
  2. Add in  honey, or honey-flavored stevia and whisk until melted.  Add in the spices – turmeric makes cocoa creamy! The pepper ignites the healing elements of the turmeric, and salt makes chocolate wonderful! You can also just throw in a sprig of lavender without grinding it up.

Word of the Day – curación – healing

Tip of the Day – Try it with peppermint or ginger!

Egg White Lemon Mask

Awhile back, probably 10 months, I wrote a post about sun-gazing. And after 45 weeks of daily sun-gazing, I finished! I started with 10 seconds, and added 10 seconds a day, to 1 minute per week. I did that for 45 weeks, as instructed, with proper eye care, (looking at the compass directions around the sun, not in the middle), and beautiful meditations, and today reached 45 minutes.  I cleared out physical problems, emotional, spiritual while meditating. Today I pretty much cried the whole time at the grace of amazing, Divine, divine Love being poured, being shared with me.  Now I’m supposed to walk barefoot 45 minutes a day for 6 days. And one can stop at that point. But it’s better to do it a year. I’m doing it.

Recipe of the Day – Egg-white

Lemonl Mask

From Enmar’s Class on Herbs in Your Garden


1 egg white

3 drops lemon

1 c. water

Directions: Whip the lemon and egg white until it just starts foaming. Put on your skin and leave for 10-15 minutes.

Word of the Day – masque – mask

Tip of the Day – Do twice a week to firm and tone your skin.

Essential Oil Comfort for Congestion

Several of my friends and acquaintances have had such a hard time with congestive coughs, bronchitis and such, that I thought I would share my essential oil remedies to help or comfort.

Recipe of the Day – Respiratory/Cold/Flu/Allergy


10 drops Lemon oil

10 drops Lavender oil

10 drops Peppermint Oil

2 c. carrier oil, such as almond, avocado, coconut or olive

Directions: Add the carrier oil to a small bowl. Mix in the essential oils. Pour into dark-colored bottles, using a small funnel. Apply behind ears, back of neck, and wrists as needed.

Word of the Day – esencias  – scents

Tip of the Day – LAVENDER is great for congestion/stuffy nose -rub it neat (undiluted) on the bridge of your nose and the bottom of your toes. For a runny nose, rub under nostrils. Peppermint is great for congestion and fever. Rub it over sinuses and chest. For fever, dilute and apply to back of neck, down spine, and armpits, behind knees, around navel, and on soles of feet. Repeat every 15 to 30 minutes or so until fever breaks. LEMON can also be diffused to help a cough. Put a drop or two in water and drink several times a day for an immunity boost. This can also be used diluted 1:1 behind ears and down jawline to lymph nodes to help with drainage.


DIY Lavender Spray

Bicycling up the road to my house, in the highest gear, ever so slowly, I came upon a dog sleeping in the road. “Oops, hi Buddy,” I exclaimed, veering around him. He came to life and came after me. I couldn’t even think twice when I felt his teeth close around my ankle. My foot was pushing the pedal up and around in the circle, and he let go as the rotation continued upward, thank goodness!. Just a warning I think. But my friends advised me to carry a stick. Now, Tiko’s only nemesis is a man who carries a stick. Perhaps he warned Tiko with it one day. I don’t know, but Tiko has been severely angry at him for this whole year-and-a=half. So I think I will carry a spray bottle instead, and put some lavender water in it. Maybe the dogs will relax and take a nap, ha ha! I can always use it to keep myself cool!

Recipe of the Day – Lavender Spray


4 oz. witch hazel or cheap vodka

8 oz water

15 drops lavender essential oil.


Pour the vodka or witch hazel in a dark-colored spray bottle. Add the water and essential oil with a funnel. Shake well.

Word of the Day – lavanda – lavender

Tip of the Day – Use this on your own skin, as a moisturizer, or on your pillow and sheets to help you sleep and dream well!

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Lavender Lemonade

You can get a 15-minute chair massage for $5 at the laundry cleaners in Vilca, whoa. It looks so inviting, that massage chair. My daughter is sending me money for a birthday massage, so perhaps soon!


Recipe of the Day – Lavender Lemonade


8 c. water

2-10 drops lavender essential oil

3 whole lemons

6 drops Stevia Lemon Liquid

Lavender sprigs for garnish


Blend all ingredients and chill. Add more water, raw honey or essential oil drops if needed.

Word of the Day – masaje – massage

Tip of the Day – Keep this chilled in your fridge, and a add mint, instead of lavender, if desired! Every guest is so delighted to have it!

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Lavender Tea Cookies

 I went to Loja yesterday, which turned out to be one of the most fun times I’ve ever had there! First S and I caught the Ruta taxi in Vilca. You pay $2.25 now to take the 45-minute drive to Loja. Usually we all wait for the car to fill up, but it didn’t today, so we took off by ourselves and pulled through the next town – Malacatos, where we picked up one more person. It was cool and rainy and grey (as usual there). But being with the right person, a positive friend of who is so upbeat, energetic and fun, made all the difference. We did some bank and telephone errands, stopped at her elderly friend’s house to have tea and visit. Then had lunch of dolmas and got some doggy treats and toys for our puppies. You catch a taxi going by to take you back to the Ruta station, then take another $2.25 cab back to Vilca. So fun! And Tiko really liked his toy. I threw it to him right away so he wouldn’t remember that I left him with the workers all day.

Recipe of the Day – Lavender Tea Cookies

Lightly sweet cookies make wonderful tea-time snacks.They have the perfect combination of sweetness and lavender, with a hint of lemon The cashews are wonderful nuts for desserts. They are a great source of magnesium, which is not only great for your bones, but also helps to keep you calm and relaxed. Together with lavender these little cookie relieve nervous tension and taste delicious!
Makes 2 dozen


3 c.  cashew flour (made from 2 c. cashews – grind into a flour)lavanda
1/2 c. almond flour
2 T. dried lavender
Juice of half a lemon
2 T. lemon zest
dash vanilla powder or extract
2 T. coconut oil, melted
2 T.raw coconut nectar, honey or agave
1/2 c. dried coconut


1. To make the cashew flour: Process cashews in your food processor or blender until it makes a fine flour. (~1 minute). Don’t over blend or you will get cashew butter. 1 cup of raw cashews makes approximately 1 1/2 cups of flour.

2. Mix together cashew flour, almond flour, 1 T of the lavender, lemon juice, zest, vanilla, coconut oil and sweetener

3. Roll into balls and then in the coconut.

5. Chill to set.

Try it with lavender frosting, instead of rolling in coconut.
Lavender Frosting:
1/4 c. coconut oil
2 T dried culinary lavender flowers
1-2 T almond milk
2 tsp coconut syrup

Word of the Day – lavanda – lavender

Tip of the Day – Visit people for no good reason other than to cheer up their day. Some people are stuck inside all day. And we know what that’s like, being stuck within yourself. To get out and do something for someone else will bring you out of yourself, too!

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Lemongrass Tea

“Hey, Roberto, can we stop at the Malacatos Nursery for no good reason,” I asked my taxi driver and friend? And after picking out lovely yellow flowers and a canela tree, she found, way in the back, ONE lemongrass bush, yeay! They call it Hierba Luisa here, and I’ve been looking for it for eight months!

It smells so good  – from the mint family, yet like lemon! And I’m so happy. You cut a bunch of it and throw it in a kettle for tea. And its from the mint family! So easy! You know how much it cost? Nothing. She threw it in for free after I bought the flowers. Wow. So many gifts here.

Lemongrass in the Wild (aka Hierba Luisa)


Recipe of the Day: Lemongrass Honey Tea


1 pot water

Handful lemongrass

1 T. honey

Directions: Boil the pot of water and add the lemongrass. Turn off water and let the herbs steep for twenty minutes. Put the honey in your teacup and pour the tea right over the honey. Stir well. Your whole house will smell amazing! You can also mix with manzanilla – chamomile, or lavanda – lavender!

Word of the Day: Hierba Luisa – lemongrass

Travel Tip of the Day: You’ll never have to buy the old box teas again. Plant mint, basil, lemongrass, lavender, chamomile in your garden wherever you’re living and they’ll take off. You’ll have an herb garden. It’s a GREAT leave- behind gift to someone hosting you or, if you have moved out of the country, like me, everyday you can go out and cut a couple leaves for your tea. You’ll always have fresh tea. You can do it window boxes or on your kitchen counter, as well!

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