DIY Vanilla Extract

Did you know there are pressure points to wake you up?

Press each one  for at least six minutes:
  • The top of the head.
  • The top of the back of the neck.
  • On the back of the hands (in between the thumb and forefinger)
  • Just below the knees.
  • Bottom of the feet—at the center just below the balls of the feet.

Recipe of the Day – DIY Vanilla Extract

  • Ingredients:

    • 8 oz. Glass Bottle or Jar
    • 7  vanilla beans
    • 1 cup Vodka 70 Proof/35% Alcohol (or you can also use Bourbon, Rum or Brandy; any brand/quality)
      • Directions: Scrape the vanilla beans from the pods, if you need to. Split vanilla beans in half lengthwise, leaving the tip of one end attached. Place into a clean bottle(s). If the vanilla bean is too long for the bottle, cut in half or thirds as needed. Fill the bottle with vodka or bourbon and secure the top to the bottle. Label the bottle and shake vigorously. Store in a cool, dark location for at least a month, shaking once per week. The longer the vanilla extract steeps, the darker and more intense the vanilla flavor and scent.

      Word of the Day – pulsar

      Tip of the Day – This yields 1 cup of homemade vanilla extract – 1 (8-ounce) bottle or 2 (4-ounce) bottles. Try different kinds of vanilla – like Madagascar Vanilla or Ecuadorian Vanilla.

Energy Fudge Bars

Hey, look i was made top-blogger again! just when I’m posting less, ha ha. I’be made these fudge bars to celebrate!

From: Maxwell Salo
Subject: You’ve been featured as a top blogger!

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Hi Dorothy,

Just a quick email to let you know that I featured you in a recent article named:

Top 30 Most Inspiring Expat Bloggers in 2017.

Here’s a link to the article:

Top 30 Most Inspiring Expat Bloggers in 2017

Recipe of the Day – Fudge Energy Bars


1/2 c. sunflower seed

1/2 c. raisins

3/4 c. oats

1/4 c. cacao powder

1 hpg. T. coconut oil

pinch salt

Directions: Blend in your food processor until mixture forms a ball. Press unto a pie plate or shape into bars. Chill.

Word of the Day – speciál – special

Tip of the Day – Try with walnuts instead of sunflower seeds, yum!

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Berry Chia Energy Bars

There are so many fireflies and dragonflies this year, on my land! People say it means ultimate and rich health on your land. It’s interesting that the word for Dragonfly here, “caballo de diablo,” means “devil’s horse.” Cute!

Recipe of the Day – Energy Bars


For the berry chia jam:
1 cup raspberries, moras or strawberries
1 tsp. coconut crystals, coconut syrup, honey or pinch of stevia
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 T. chia seeds

For the bars and ctopping:
1 cu oats
1 c. walnuts
6 pitted  dates, soaked 10 minutes (reserve the water)), or 1/3 c. sweetener of choice
pinch vanilla powder, or 1/2 tsp.vanilla extract
1/2 tsp. salt


  1.  Pulse the oats until they become the texture of coarse flour. Add the walnuts, dates, vanilla and salt. Turn the processor on and with the motor running, add the dates through the feeder one at a time until the mixture is uniform in texture. Add a little date water, if needed.
  2. Evenly press 3/4 of the mixture in an 8-inch by 8-inch square pan, reserving the other 1/4 as the crumble topping.
  3. Place the chia jam ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth.No need to wash the processor. Set aside.
  4. Spread the chia jam over the mixture in the pan. Sprinkle with the remaining crumble topping. Cover and rchill for at least one hour before cutting into bars. Store in the refrigerator.

Word of the Day – caballo de diablo – dragonfly

Tip of the Day –Top these bars with peanut or almond butter. Take them on the road or to work with you. They sure make a great, filling snack!

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