No-Bake Almond Rice Cookies

As Jose, El Maestro (the head foreman) left today, he did what he does, occasionally, and walks around the house, having the workers wait for him as he checks that I have everything I need. “Jose,” I can’t find the water handles to the water supply anymore! (I have one for city water and one for irrigation.) And he uncovered the the dirt areas and “voila,” there they were! (He put them there nine months ago, so I knew he’d know where they were.) I thought maybe he’d moved them. They do that with the water pipes all the time. Then he checked my propane containers, and sure enough, there was zero gas left in the one that gives hot water to the house. Wow! How did he know it was time to look at it! So I asked the worker leaving for lunch if he’d bring me one after his lunch hour, and he brought me out a new one filled with gas ($2.50 for me, every 2 months or so), and took the old one away. Thanks for not letting me have a cold shower tonight, Jose and Franklin!

Here’s another gluten-free, great-for-you, anti-candida, whole-foods vegan recipe, that even Tiko and Cuko can eat! I wanted something interesting to do with my leftover rice!

Recipe of the Day: No-Bake Almond Rice Cookies


1 1/4 c. brown rice

No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies
No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

1/2 c. almond butter (or peanut butter)

1/3 c. coconut syrup

1 T. coconut oil

1 T. chia seed soaked in 3 Tab. water (replaces the egg)

1 pinch vanilla powder

1/4 c. coconut crystals/Stevia powder

1/2 tsp.  cinnamon

pinch of ginger

Chocolate Syrup:

1/4 c. cacao/carob powder

1 T.. water

pinch salt

2 drops olive oil

Directions: Mix together all ingredients for the cookies. Continue to mix until you can form 1 inch balls with hands – if the dough is too crumbly to stick together, add a bit more oil, almond butter or syrup until it comes together a bit more.  Flatten balls and press with a fork. For the chocolate syrup – stir ingredients. Drizzle over cookies. Chill or  you may bake these, as well! 350 degrees for 7-9 minutes.

Word of the Day: arroz – rice

arroz integral – brown rice

Tip of the Day: Add a little sweetness to your day with a low-glycemic sweetener like Stevia, which is grown here. You can buy or grow your own Stevia plants, then dry and powder the leaves in your food processor. So easy to have your own stevia powder!

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Lima Bean Soup

I have really warm, comfy feelings when I think of lima beans, as my mom would have them cooking once in awhile for her family of eleven kids. I hated the frozen ones, but when she made them from scratch, with tomatoes and herbs, onions and garlic, yum. I couldn’t get enough of them. Now when I make them, I’ll  add brown rice, or Ecuadorian potatoes. This is  her recipe:

Recipe of the Day: Lima Bean Soup


1 lb. lima beans

1 quart of water

3 cloves garlic

6 green onions, sliced

6 tomatoes

salt and pepper to taste


Soak the beans overnight, then wash in the morning. In a skillet, saute the onions and garlic, minced, for 1-2 minutes until glossy. Add the beans and water, bring to a boil, then let them cook at a slightly rolling boil until soft, 25-30 minutes. Add the tomatoes and rosemary, the salt and pepper the last few minutes. Serve warm with corn bread, so comforting.

Word of the Day: cómodo – comfortable

Tip of the Day: When you grow the beans, and harvest the beans, make everything a meditation, especially the shucking of the beans! Or you can put on a movie. We get Netflix here! And it’s funny, because my kids, when they were here, said I get a lot of movies on Netflix that they don’t. (It works both ways, though.)

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