Blueberry Fig Smoothie

On a sunny, 7 a.m. morning, with a beautiful sun-lit hill above the land, I did my sun-gathering and early yoga, ending by digging a soft indentation in the sand and raising my feet to the sky in a Vilcabamba headstand. Tiko respectfully sat right near me, the whole time, patiently waiting for the stick-throwing about to come next.

Recipe of the Day – Blueberry Fig Smoothie

C gave me the figs, J gave the blueberries, The bananas were from my land!


1 fig, the gel scooped into the blender

1 handful blueberries

1 frozen banana

3 drops chocolate or vanilla stevia

1/4 c. cacao powder

1 c. water or coconut milk

Directions : Blend.

Word of the Day –– suporte para la cabeza – headstand

Tip of the Day – Use only 1/4 c. liquid, add a T. of chia seeds, and you’ve got yourself an amazing pudding!

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Dandelion Pesto

A reader/watcher from my youtube channel just asked me for some dandelion recipes. Which is an opportune time, because I’ve just begun actually blowing on the dandelion blooms, like we did as a child, to sprinkle the seeds everywhere. They are so powerful for you! And so easy to grow, a green, ready for your smoothies, immediately and always growing.

Recipe of the Day – Dandelion Pesto


1-2 cloves garlic

1/4 tsp. prepared mustard

2 c. dandelion greens dandelion greens
1/4 c. Extra Virgin Olive oil

Puree all the ingredients together. You can add nuts or Parmesan,  if desired. I use it as my pizza sauce!

Word of the Day – dientes de leones – Lion’s Teeth (Dandelions)

Tip of the Day – Don’t pick them where they spray chemicals.

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4-Ingredient Sour Lemon Tart

Find Wilson, my gardener, in this tree. He’s cutting the fice, (mesquite) branches from over the roof, where the little needles were turning the roof grey. The guest thought it was mold, but whew! It was grey needles that were covering the tiles – much easier to deal with,just sweep them off, yay!

Recipe of the Day – Sour Lemon Tart


2 c. dates (or 1/4 c. coconut syrup/honey or raisins)

1 c. lemon juice

1 1/2 c. walnuts

1 T. lemon peel

Directions: Soak dates  or sweetener in lemon juice. Process with the walnuts and stir in
the lemon peel. Press into a  pie pan. Sprinkle with 1/8 c. sesame seeds. Chill.

Wor od the Day – jardinero – gardener

Tip of the Day – You gotta keep up on the rain gutters, the roof, and a lot of other things in Ecaudor, it’s so wet!

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Skin Toner Juice

My compost bin has come through again! Two avocadoes, two mangoes and a papaya tree, ready to be transplanted. We already planted the mango, next to the other mango. I love this method of growing and transplanting. It’s always a surprise gift what the compost pile will grow, just from the leavings of other fruit!

avocado plant in compost

Recipe of the Day – Skin Toner Juice


1 handful spinach

1 handful kale

1 apple

1 cucumber

1 stalk celery

Directions: Juice or blend. If you’re blending, strip the kale off the stem first, discarding the stem. And wash everything, even if it’s organic.

Word of the Day – cesto de basura

Tip of the Day – Use this on your skin, as a five-minute mask. Seriously! The juice tones the skin from the inside, the mask from the out!

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Bee’s Nest Remedy

You know when I got stung the other day, I didn’t realize that loud, anxiety-producing sound was bees nesting in the cracks of the cement foundation where I’m camping. I googled it to find that ordinary dish soap might get rid of them. While W, my friend and gardener was lighting a fire to smoke them out, I started pouring my home-made dish soap on them and into the cracks. There were hundreds, dying rapidly, wow! I used two whole home-made bottles over the course of three days, but it appears every last bee is gone, yay!

Recipe of the day – Dish Soap

1 c. purified water
3 Tab. liquid Castile Soap
1 tsp. glycerin
5-8 drops Essential Oil (either lemon, lavender, rosemary or geranium)
Directions: Use a brown bottle and pour all ingredients through a funnel. Shake well before using.

Word of the Day – ansiedad – anxiety

Tip of the Day – I don’t like killing animals, but it seemed worth it to avoid another bee sting in the mouth, or other areas, just three feet away from where I sleep!

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Spirulina Chocolate Truffles

I taught yoga for the staff at Monarch (The Raw Food World estate today. Their retreat starts soon and I’ll be teaching the retreatants, but this week the staff! In a beautiful bamboo forest on their land in their yoga house. They (the staff) invited me to their raw food lunch of guacamole salad and spirulina chocolates by the swimming pool and sauna, whoa. That was a very cool day. I asked Chef Karl what he was serving for the breakfasts next week, and he said raw granola, fruits, nut milks and almond butter, man!

Recipe of the Day – Spirulina Chocolate Truffles


½ c. walnuts
½ c. dates, soaked 10 minutes, pitted & chopped, (Save the date water)
¼ c. shredded coconut

1/8 c. spirulina powder

1 pinch Vanilla powder

1 tsp. cinnamon

pinch sea salt, to taste
Orange zest, to taste (optional)
Water, as needed for binding

Walnuts, finely chopped (garnish)

Dark Chocolate Sauce

2 T. coconut oil
2 T. cacao powder
1 ½ T. date water or coconut nectar
Pinch salt



Put the nuts in a small food processor fitted with an S-blade. Grind,
Add the dates and shredded coconut together with vanilla and spirulina, cinnamon, sea salt and orange zest to taste until it forms a ball.
Roll the dough into small truffles. You can use a small cookie scoop or a measuring spoon for this so they look uniform,
Put the truffles in the freezer while you make the chocolate sauce.
Dark Chocolate Sauce:

Melt your coconut oil on low heat. Mix the oil with the date water or syrup  and  salt in a small bowl.
Gradually add the cacao powder and stir well.
Take your truffles out of the freezer. Using a fork, dip the truffles in the chocolate sauce.
Add a sprinkle of finely chopped  nuts for garnish, or other toppings such as orange zest or cacao nibs.
Pop the truffles in the freezer for 10 minutes so the chocolate can harden.

Word of the Day –enceño – I teach

Tip of the Day – Replace the dates with other dried fruit such as raisins, apricots, apple slices, figs.

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Natural Bee Sting Remedies

Oops, I did it again, Stuck my bare foot into the shoes inside the door. Just where that one bee always hangs out. I yelped with pain and swiped the bee off the bottom of my foot. Ooh, it was stinging, and still itches periodically and uncontollably three days later. A friend recommended putting vinegar on it, to pull out the poisons. Black Salve Aloe helped, too. What’s your favorite bee sting recipe?

Recipe of the Day – Natural Bee Sting Recipes

VInegar. Apply and leave on.

Ice. Apply for 20 minutes.

Black Salve – Apply and leave on.

Honey for 30 minutes to one hour, unless you’re allergic to bees, them don’t use this.

Lavender essential oil. Apply to the wound and leave it on.

Garlic. Crush one or two garlic cloves and apply for  for 20 to 30 minutes

Plantain leaves. Crushed with a spoon or chewed and applied for  30 minutes.

Baking soda and water paste for 20 minutes

Toothpaste for 20 to 30 minutes.

Word of the Day – abejas – bees

Tip of the Day – Get the stinger out first, as quick as you can before it leaves more poison, with your figernail, credit card, or tweezers. Then clean it, and then apply the woind relief.

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Tiko’s Dog Eye Wash Remedy

A puppy who stayed here with his guest for a month, had a white discharge from his eyes, which slowly dissipated as he stayed here. i was a little concerned that one of my dogs would get the virus, or eye infection. And, sure enough, Tiko picked it up two days before the dog left. I’ve been washing his eyes two to three times daily with this herbal wash I make with chamomile and white flower. i came out to take this picture and all the white seepy liquid is gone. Gone.

Recipe of the Day – Herbal Doggy Eye Wash


1 pot of water, heated to almost boiling

1 handful fresh  chamomile flowers

1 handful fresh or dried flor blanca, (white flower)

clean washcloth or rag

Directions: Heat the water to almost boiling, then turn off the heat and throw in the herbs. Let steep for twenty minutes. Dip your washcloth in the water and do not wring out. Wash your dog’s eyes with the dripping cloth, letting the water pour through the eyes. Wash in an outward direction, never re-using the same part of the cloth twice. You don’t want to re-infect the eyes. Repeat several times daily with a clean cloth.

Word of the Day – flor blanca – white flower

Tip of the Day – Your dog’s infectio n could come from parasites or stomach problems, Make sure your dog is taking diotamaceous earth or parasite medicine to keep the colon clean.

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Natural Toothpaste #2

I’m learning the Ecuador National Anthem so I can become a citizen next year, a ciudadana. After three years residency you can become a citizen! (You don’t give up your U.S. citizenship). Right now you have to study Ecuadorian history, do an interview with them in spanish, and sing the National Anthem. Then you get to travel freely, for as many days as you like per year, instead of being restricted as a resident.

Recipe of the Day – DIY Toothpaste #2

2 tsp..  Stevia powder
3 T.  coconut oil
1 T. baking soda
1 1/2 T. Bentonite Clay or Calcium powder
3 tsp. water, or more to thin
30+ drops of essential oils of choice: Peppermint, Cinnamon, chocolate


Mix all ingredients except clay in a mini-food processor or blender. Whisk until smooth. Then slowly add in the clay by hand with a plastic utensil (it should not come in contact with metal).
Store in a small jar.
Use as you would regular toothpaste.

Word of the Day – pasta de dientes – toothpaste

Tip of the Day – Because of the coconut oil, toothpaste will be thicker when cooler and thinner when heated but should be a squeezable consistency at normal room temp (70-75 degrees).

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Witch Hazel Deodorant

I awoke on my back with my sternum out of joint, what? Two days of discomfort,  then, just before I had to teach yoga, the only one person who sat down across from me at the Juice Factory was Jim, my friend, the chiropractor. He was stressed from car problems, and still managed to have me stand on a step, cross my arms, and sent a series of cracks down my chest and back. Wow! I felt like it was the first time I could stand and sit straight in two days, wahoo! I asked him how much I could give him and he let me buy him a one-dollar shot of green juice. (He’s the Christmas elf who fixed my basket on my bike, without even telling me, last year.) Gosh.

Recipe of the Day – Witch Hazel Deodorant


1/2 c. witch hazel

1/4 c. aloe vera gel or juice

1/4 tsp. baking soda

10 drops of your favorite essential oil. (Sage  has deodorant properties.)

Directions : Mix all ingredients together in a spray bottle. Shake and use. It will be wet for a moment, but should dry quickly after soaking into your skin.

word of the Day – espalda – back

Tip of the Day – Just plain lemon juice, lome or baking soda works well as a nstiral deodorant, too!

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