Raw Chocolate Ganache

I asked my friend, Marli, to give me a ride home, and was staring at her beautiful skin. I’ve known her for three years, and she always looks and carries herself like a princess. I commented on how her skin looked so taut, like she was wearing makeup. But she said, “No!” She looked completely different. She said she’d been doing Face Yoga for three weeks only!  And her family and friends keep commenting on the results.

   She said to find Marie Claire on youtube and make a playlist of up to 30 minutes. That’s what she does.

Recipe of the Day – Raw Chocolate Ganache

1/3 c. soaked dates (reserve the date water to make the frosting more creamy, if needed.)
1/2 tsp. olive oil
2 T. carob/cacao powder
dash salt and vanilla

Directions: Cream in a personal blender.

Word of the Day – arrugas – wrinkles

Tip of the Day – Good to start face yoga now, instead of waiting ’til the wrinkles are deep, like I did. But you know, with my deep wrinkles, we’re gonna see huge change!

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