Chocolate Peppermint Truffles

I’m so taken care of that I know every bit of money coming my way is for something I don’t know about yet. Even just to have fun.  Like this typical story that happens to me all the time. I got $105 for a series of classes, right? Exactly the amount of bill money I need for the month. EXACTLY. Right? But then I noticed the Raw Food World, my boss, had Bragg’s Amino Acids for sale, difficult to get here. So I said, “Don’t overthink it. You need it, and it will work out with the money.” At which point the boss-lady came out and whispered they were giving me a $25 bonus. What?!!! Wow. Wait a minute…that’s $13 more than I need. Knowing the Universe provides whatever was in store for me, I asked…”What’ s the other $13 for?” Then, on the way home on my bike, it came to my mind. “Wait, it’s January. What do you pay for in January? My taxes! And how much are they? $13.09.”                                                                             Yeah. I can find the nine cents.

Recipe of the Day – Chocolate Peppermint Truffles


3 T sweetener ((honey is preferred because of its texture and taste)

3 T almond butter or 1 c. soaked nuts

1 heaping T cacao powder or 3 T carob powder

3 tsp. coconut oil or Cacao bliss/butter

3 drops peppermint extract

dash of cinnamon

sprinkle of cacao nibs


Mix, in a bowl all the ingredients.  Form into balls and chill, or eat right away to quench your chocolate craving!

Word of the Day – gastar – to spend

Tip of the Day – You can also roll in coconut, -add vanilla instead of peppermint -add bee pollen -add hemp seed -add orange oil instead of peppermint This is it! I mean, the rich dessert you’ve been craving!