Almond Chocolate Smoothie

I’m teaching Gentle Stretch/Chi Gong at Matt Monarch’s Raw Food Retreat Again. And amazingly struck by the beauty, by the ability to get out of the Village and be in idyllic surroundings, quiet and vibrant. I, literally, am eating gourmet raw food, seven times in ten days. In this week I’ve had raw crackers with onion cashew cheese, raw tiramisu, chocolate spirulina truffles, gymnostemma/shilajit-something tea, other chamomile- calming tea, raw banana wraps with chocolate cashew spread, chia pudding, strawberry probiotic pudding, raw granola with almond milk, assorted seasonal fruits, raw date food bars and the ever-present spread of jars of maca-stevia-honey-cinnamon- cacao – almond butter- goji berries, etc.. And that’s just for breakfast!
I feel So rich and am eating So much. Thank goodness I’m not there for lunch and dinner!

Recipe of the Day – Almond Chocolate Smoothie


8 0z. water

1 Tab. raw almond butter

1 Tab. raw cacao/carob powder

1 frozen banana

sprinkle nutmeg

Directions: Blend.

Word of the Day – enseñando – teaching

Tip of the Day – Man, go to Matt Monarch’s Raw Food Retreat, if you can. It supports a new lifestyle in an amazing setting. That said, and I live here!

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