B’s Mango Chocolate Shake

Story from L, a friend of mine, on Paul Newman. Lollie came from Connecticut, and one time Paul Newman and Joanne came into their store! –  “It was 2007, so he was pretty old, but still gorgeous. We laughed about how he came to my college so many years ago to stump for a candidate for president. I showed him a photo of himself! Joanne was so great. She ordered sandwiches and said she had always loved the store. I remained calm…UNTIL THEY LEFT! Then I danced all around the store with my employees and we called everyone we knew!!! hahahaha. So fun.”

Recipe of the Day – Mango Chocolate Shake


3/4 c. raw milk, oat, seed or nut milk

3-4 small frozen bananas

1 avocado

1 mango

2 eggs

1/4 c. cacao powder

Directions: Peel and cut the fruit. Blend together with the rest of the ingredients.

Word of the Day – famoso – famous

Tip of the Day – It’s interesting that many people have told me they didn’t drink milk until they came to Vilcabamba. Perhaps the lack of hormones in the fresh milk makes it more digestible?

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2 thoughts on “B’s Mango Chocolate Shake

  1. Joanne was a ballet enthusiast and my aunt was photographer for the three main NYC ballet companies. She and Joanne did a lot of animal activist things together since Joanne also cared about homeless animals. I met them (Paul and Joanne) at a ballet gala when I was 15 and have my photo with Paul. VERY blue eyes…

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