DIY Scarecrow

Don’t tell the robbers. I’ve made a DIY scarecrow to sit on my front-porch swing, Now all I need is a play-gun to put in his arms, so that the silhouette at night looks like a fellow keeping guard. I hope the ladrones (robbers) don’t read my blog!

Project of the Day –
DIY Scarecrow


cross frame or two broomsticks

stuffing of straw, paper or material (I used lemongrass, dried)

old clothes


hat, bucket or pumpkin for the head

paint or buttons for the face

Make a t-Frame by stringing two poles together and thing at the intersection, Cut a bunch of long grass or straw, or use newspaper or rags. Lay the frame down,.
Dress Scarecrow with old clothes. Paint the face.
Tie off the Waistline, sleeves and add Gloves. Stuff pants and shirt With straw paper or rags, Attach Pants.

Word of the Day – scarecrow – scarecrow

Tip of the Day – It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to give off the illusion of a man, Which it does, as I am often startled by it!

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