Eucalyptus Tea

Letter to my Brother: “By the way, M, you know how you said when you hear a bell, Dadis beside you? Well for me, 
It’s eucalyptus. Because whenever we walked to the old eucalyptus tree he would pick a leaf, break it and have me smell it. So whenever I smell them, Dad’s right here.
Thank goodness there are eucalyptus trees here. They aren’t native, but they’re here!”

M”Hey me too, Dot!. Every time I run up the hill towards the beach from my house, I grab a E-leaf off the tree to clear my sinus’ and think of dad! He always did it on walks with us as kids. “

Recipe of the Day – Eucalyptus Tea


3-4 leaves eucalyptus

1 pot water

Directions: Bring a pot of water to almost boiling, then turn it off. Add the leaves, or pour the water over the leaves. Let steep with the top on for twenty minutes.

Word of the Day – eucalipto – eucalpytus

Tip of the Day – Look at these benefits of drinking the tea:

Drinking eucalyptus tea throughout the day may help to lower blood sugar for those with pre-diabetic or confirmed diabetes.

The dried eucalyptus tree leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that help those suffering from asthma and other steroid-sensitive disorders as an aid in dissolving mucus.

The leaves destroy the bacteria that invade our immune system.They inhibit the growth of three potentially destructive bacterias staphylococcus aureus, the cause of strep throat; escherichia coli, ( E. coli) and candida albicans, the cause of yeast infections. Up to three cups of the tea per day for adults. Also kills the bacteria that cause bad breath! But don’t drink it for too many days in a row, or it becomes toxic to the body. Funny, huh?

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