Apple Chia Smoothie

I was speaking with my daughter we she commented, “Hey, mom, did you notice you keep saying, ‘we’ when you talk about what you did today?” “I do?” i answered with chagrin. “I know I’ve been talking to myself a lot. But, I don’t know who ‘we’ is! We don’t like that! “. “Ha ha,” she laughed aloud. “You sound like Gollum in his cave in Lord of the Rings!”

Recipe of the Day – Apple Chia Smoothie


1 c. coconut milk

1 T. soaked Chia seeds

1 Medium carrot

1  apple, cored

1/ 4″ piece Fresh ginger, peeled and grated

Directiions: Add coconut milk to the blender, followed by the chopped apple, then the rest of the ingredients and blend on high for half a minute or until creamy.

Word of the Day – nosotros – we

Tip of the Day – You can blend this with water, tea or almond milk instead of the coconut, yum!

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