Portabella Pizzas

I’m sitting on my mats in my grass hut, last day of camping. Eating Peruvian chocolate oatmeal (type it in the search engine of this blog to see the recipe!) and listening to meditation music. The rain has coming down steadily, and the sound of the rain and the chanting makes me very happy. I realize I’m living my constant vision of living in a meditation hut and meditating, and it makes me laugh how absurdly human I am in contrast to that life-long image.

Recipe of the Day – Portabella Pizzas


2 Portabello Mushrooms
1 lemon
raw almond butter
1 tomato
1 avocado
Sprinkle salt, Italian herbs, basil

Directions: Clean the mushrooms, cut off the stems. Squeeze lemon over the bottoms. Spread almond butter. Top with tomato and avocado. Top with sprouts for a sandwich!

Word of the Day – sitting – sentado

Tip of the Day – The portabella is a giant crimini mushroom.

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