No Bake Pecan Pie

I’ve found two disadvantages for having an electric bike. One is that I can’t say, “Buenos Dias,” fast enough to my neighbors. I’m going too fast! And the other is that my hair stays flat wearing my helmet. Que lastima, (What a shame), my curls are gone!

Recipe of the Day – Raw Pecan Pie


1 small papaya, sliced, or mango
8 strawberries, sliced
3/4 c. pecans, ground

5 soaked dates
3 bananas,
1 T. lemon juice

Directions: Line Pie Plate with the papaya, strawberries. Grind up 3/4 c. ground pecans . Sprinkle 1/2 cup on top of the fruit. Leave 1/4 cup for the top of the pie. Blend and spread the filling on top Sprinkle with 1 T to 2 c. raw, whole, honey-soaked pecans and the rest of the ground pecans.

Word of the Day –nueces  pecanas – pecans

Tip of the Day – Pecans delay age-related neuron activity, perhaps delaying Alzheimer’s, etc. Lowers cholestrol and helps you lose weight!

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