M’s Amaranth Waffle Cookies

I went to this beautiful luncheon hosted by a beautiful woman, for all the ladies and children on our mountain. Such a vibrant experience with good, solid people and wonderful food. While we were speaking of how different individuals could hear everything that goes on on this mountain, we made a decision to get foghorns. If anyone hits the foghorn for three seconds, anyone in hearing distance is to call 9-1-1. Good one, right?       M also made us these incredible waffle cookies made feom Amaranto (amaranth) flour.

Recipe of the Day – Amaranth cookies

1 c. amaranth flour

1 c. platano flour

6 dates soaked for 10 minutes, or sweetener of choice

(save the date water)

pinch sea salt

2 T. coconut oil

oil for the waffle maker

Directions : Combine all ingredients by hand or in a food processor. Oil the machine and Heat the waffle machine until the light goes off. Add the batter until all holes are covered. Cook until the light goes off again. Remove with a fork.

Word of the Day – amaranto – amaranth

Tip of the Day – Use any gluten-free flour. Our local gluten-free waffle maker at the Juice Factory uses a combination of haba (bean) flour, quinoa and platano.

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