Ginger Sun Tea

I’m gonna see if I can strengthen my eyes enough not to go to the eye doctor. I do these exercises before 9am and after 4pm so eye damage won’t occur. The sun contains vital life energies that are critical to the immunity and health of the body as well as that of the eyes themselves. 

The first one is done by looking at the four points of the compass and blinking the eyes rapidly for 3-5 seconds. Look once to the north of the sun, about 15 degrees above it while blinking the eyes for 3-5 seconds, then to the right (east), then below it (south), and finally to the left (West) of the sun itself. Again, don’t look directly at it since the part of the retina that we want to irrigate with the UV rays and other rays from the sun exist on the side of the eyes, not in the center. This also helps prevent any damage to the eyes themselves which is why it’s done before 9am and after 4pm in the evening when the sun is not too strong, but the amount of UV rays is quite sufficient to result is significant benefits.

The second exercise, roll our eyes around the sun for 3-5 seconds clockwise, then pause, look away for a few seconds, then repeat the roll in the opposite direction, counter-clockwise.

Recipe of the Day – Ginger Sun Tea

1″ grated ginger root or 4 tea bags

1 jar pure water

sweetener, if desired


Put 1″ grated ginger root or tea bags into a clean 2 quart or gallon glass jar. Fill with water and cap. Place where the sunlight can strike the container for about 4, up to 8 hours. Add sweetener, if desired, and chill! The most natural way to make tea.

Word of the Day – ojos – eyes

Tip of the Day – The second exercise provides a more complete irrigation of the retina with UV radiation. Just be careful not to let the eyes look directly aTthe sun as you move the eyes around.

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