Tamarind Apricot Smoothie

On my brother’s typical days, we would have Morning Green Smoothies,then go into town before walking or hiking. This day Mart fixed my bike first thing in the morning, chopped the banana tree down, and took Tiko for a walk, whoa! We made some aloe vera gel, then went to town, where my old, cracked IPAD was taken out of my bag, where it was wrapped in my soft, crocheted vest my daughter had made me. The vest was still there. We asked everyone, the shop it was in front of, but it never turned up. So in the night we went and listed to good Janis joplin music, nibbled at nachos, just to break out of ourselves. It was fun!

Recipe of the Day – Tamarind Apricot Smoothie


1 c. tamarind juice (See my recipe on this blog)

1 frozen banana

3 apricots, washed and seeded

Directions: Blend well.

Word of the Day – el hizo – he made

Tip of the Day – Break out of your routine once in a while. Go out and see what the evening looks like with the light of the moon. It feels good!

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