Joint and Muscle Medicinal Tea

I have to say, one of the hardest things about going to live a simpler life, is the lack of financial ability to help your children. My daughter, Clare has been hit horribly with spiritual attacks this month, after doing incredible healing work for others. The last was this car accident. Right after she fixed her car, now it is totaled. Her body was slammed against the airbag, with her neck and arm hurt horribly. She has two broken ribs and a fractured collarbone, as well as whiplash. If anyone wants to go to my facebook page and click on the GoFundMe link to donate, it sure would help her medical and car bills. Thanks for anything you can do! If you can’t help monetarily, as I can’t, we sure get it, and TOTALLY understand. Will you please send your prayers, mantras, and good energies her way? Thank you all for the continued support for me and my family. We are so loved and so grateful for you all.


Recipe of the Day – Joint and Muscle Tea


1 pinch of each of the following herbs or roots:




dandelion root


holy basil


birch or willow bark

Directions: Bring a pot of water to almost a boil. Put the herbs and roots in a colander or sieve, and lay across the teapot you will pour your tea into. Pour the water over the medicinals and let steep for twenty minutes. Drink religiously throughout the day.

Word of the Day – huesos – bones

Tip of the Day – When you choose a tea for health, drink it, not only throughout the day, but daily, until your intuition says to take a break from it.

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