Invigorating Tea Blend for Men’s Sexual and Hormonal Health

I like how my friends choose different ways come to the front gate to tell me they’re here and visiting. My neighbor yells, “Dorothy…” as she’s coming around the corner. Taxis honk. The Ecuadorians shout, “Hola!” A friend uses a stone to knock on the gate. One person whistles at the top of the hill, and the newest one rings his bike bell! How cute is that!

Recipe of the Day – Medicinal Tea for Men’s Sexual and Hormonal Health


1 tsp. each of the following:

Green Rooibos



Hawthorn Berry

Directions: Bring a pot of water to almost a boil. Put the leaves and berries in a sieve or colander on top of your teapot or cup. Pour the water over the leaves and let steep in the water for twenty minutes.

Word of the Day – caballeros – gentlemen

Tip of the Day – Drink this tea regularly for it to have lasting affect. Perhaps five times a week. And drink the whole pot during a day.

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