Chayote Green Papaya Stir-Fry

I asked my friend how long it took him to get back home from my place. “In no time at all,” he spouted with enthusiasm! I love that. I could picture him winging down the road with no thoughts of time, just experiencing the bliss of a beautiful ride through Ecuador on a gorgeous day.

Recipe of the Day – Chayote Green Papaya Stir-Fry

1 chayote squash. peeled and chopped

1/2 big green papaya, grated or chopped

1/2 purple onion, sliced thin

optional 1-2 c. cooked brown rice or zucchini noodles




Add 1 T. coconut oil to a skillet. Throw in the veggies and cook until translucent, about 7 minutes or until desired crispness. Add the sauce below and heat until warm. Serve now.

Sauce – Pulse the garlic and onion in a blender until very finely chopped. Pour in orange juice, lime juice then pour in your seasonings, and be careful with the hot pepper sauce. Blend until thoroughly incorporated. Pour in the olive oil, and blend until smooth.

Word/Phrase of the Day – No hay tiempo en absoluto no time at all

Tip of the Day – Chayote squash is so good without cooking, too. Eat it raw, yum!

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Invigorating Tea Blend for Men’s Sexual and Hormonal Health

I like how my friends choose different ways come to the front gate to tell me they’re here and visiting. My neighbor yells, “Dorothy…” as she’s coming around the corner. Taxis honk. The Ecuadorians shout, “Hola!” A friend uses a stone to knock on the gate. One person whistles at the top of the hill, and the newest one rings his bike bell! How cute is that!

Recipe of the Day – Medicinal Tea for Men’s Sexual and Hormonal Health


1 tsp. each of the following:

Green Rooibos



Hawthorn Berry

Directions: Bring a pot of water to almost a boil. Put the leaves and berries in a sieve or colander on top of your teapot or cup. Pour the water over the leaves and let steep in the water for twenty minutes.

Word of the Day – caballeros – gentlemen

Tip of the Day – Drink this tea regularly for it to have lasting affect. Perhaps five times a week. And drink the whole pot during a day.

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Herbal Tea for the Sick Tummy

It was so sweet. I went to market, and the Ecuatoriana friend of mine, who runs the first and biggest stand at market, asked me where my neighbors were. “Oh, their tummies are a little sick today, Gladys, so they’re staying home.” She immediately pushed a bag of her home-grown buscapina and chamomile on me, insisting I make them a big batch of tea. “I will do it! And Tiko and I will take a walk and bring it to them this morning!”

Recipe of the Day – Tummy Tea


1 small handful chamomile, flowers and stems

a couple leaves buscapina

Directions: Bring a liter of water to a boil, turn off and add the leaves. Steep for twenty minutes. Drink throughout the day.

Word of the Day – lo hare – I will do it

Tip of the Day – Get the buscapina leaves, if you can, instead of the pills. They are fresh and potent, as they just had the life flowing through them from the bush. Plus, they’re a really good-tasting sweetener, better than stevia and full of vitamins.

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Eight Greens Bowl

My son, Keith, posts a funny quip: “How am I expected to find a partner for life, when I can’t even choose the right grocery cart without a funny wheel?”                                     His uncle, Martin, answers: “That’s why you take them for a test run. And don’t keep the first one out of the line.”   Haha!

Recipe of the Day – Eight Greens Bowl


1 c. dark greens

1 c. beet greens

1 c. kale, washed and stripped

1 c. arugula

1 c. spinach

1/4 c. green cabbage

1 cucumber

1 avocado

1 c. cooked brown rice or quinoa

edible flowers

Directions: Toss the first six ingredients together. Top with the cucumber, avocado and flowers. Put the rice or quinoa in a bowl. Top with salad and drizzle with dressing.

jalapeño-date dressing:
2 T. olive oil
1/3 c. lime juice
1 T. finely chopped jalapeño
2 soaked dates, pitted

Directions: Mix in a personal blender and pour over salad.

Word of the Day – tio – uncle

Tip of the Day – Taste before pouring over your salad, in case it’s too hot for you. You could also substitute a mild seasoning salt for the jalapeño.

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Heart-Strong Juice

OMG this new electric bike is so fun. I had the opportunity to buy it quickly from someone here in Vilca, last week, checked all intuitive signs, and they were all a “Go!” So I took the money off my credit card and did it. I feel so freed! I can go anywhere, without money now, down to the river, to just…drive. I haven’t been able to do that in years. I keep checking wi myself on the ride, “Am I supposed to put in gas? Is this tiring me out? NO! Wow. ” Yesterday I drove out to the left of my driveway, and all the way past two barrios to the country, which I never did on my bike, because it’s all down hill, which means all up hill on the way back. But today, I could! How fun is that! Thanks to my kids for stressing I wear my helmet.

Recipe of the Day – Heart-strong Juice


6 carrots

1 beet

1 apple

1 handful spinach

Directions: Juice.

Word of the Day – fuerza – strength, force

Tip of the Day – Drink Immediately before it oxidizes.

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Immunity Shot

The Yaragua is out in full force here, huh? The beautiful purple-red plant that grows all over the mountains. Tiko and I travel right through it, it brushing our legs with it’s long feathery stems. Unfortunately I’ve read of at least one person who is allergic to it, so here is an immunity shot to boost your system. Keep it going!

Recipe of the Day – Immunity Shot


juice of one lemon

1/4 ” ginger

juice of one orange

orange wedge

dash cayenne

Directions: Mix all together and down it, using the orange wedge as decoration.

Word of the Day – immunidad – immunity

Tip of the Day – Drink this daily, and boost your system daily by large doses of vitamin C, perhaps zinc, as well, just flooding the body with vitamins and minerals.

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Joint and Muscle Medicinal Tea

I have to say, one of the hardest things about going to live a simpler life, is the lack of financial ability to help your children. My daughter, Clare has been hit horribly with spiritual attacks this month, after doing incredible healing work for others. The last was this car accident. Right after she fixed her car, now it is totaled. Her body was slammed against the airbag, with her neck and arm hurt horribly. She has two broken ribs and a fractured collarbone, as well as whiplash. If anyone wants to go to my facebook page and click on the GoFundMe link to donate, it sure would help her medical and car bills. Thanks for anything you can do! If you can’t help monetarily, as I can’t, we sure get it, and TOTALLY understand. Will you please send your prayers, mantras, and good energies her way? Thank you all for the continued support for me and my family. We are so loved and so grateful for you all.


Recipe of the Day – Joint and Muscle Tea


1 pinch of each of the following herbs or roots:




dandelion root


holy basil


birch or willow bark

Directions: Bring a pot of water to almost a boil. Put the herbs and roots in a colander or sieve, and lay across the teapot you will pour your tea into. Pour the water over the medicinals and let steep for twenty minutes. Drink religiously throughout the day.

Word of the Day – huesos – bones

Tip of the Day – When you choose a tea for health, drink it, not only throughout the day, but daily, until your intuition says to take a break from it.

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Sesame Lime Pesto

What to do with the beautiful basil Georgia brought from her own garden? Fresh and organic for the potluck? Pesto! 

Recipe of the Day – Sesame Lime Pesto
2 cloves garlic, chopped or 1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 c. sesame seeds or tahini
1 c. chopped, fresh Basil
Juice of 1 Lime or Lemon (2-3 tablespoons)

¼ c. or sesame Olive oil
¼ c. pineapple clove tea (Find the recipe in the search engine of this blog)
Salt & pepper to taste

Directions: Add garlic & tahini to a food processor and blend well.. Add basil and pulse a few times before adding the  lime or lemon juice. Mix for about 30 seconds. Turn the food processor on and slowly stream in olive oil. Add the tea to make a creamier dip, Add salt and pepper to taste and serve over rice, roasted veggies, toss with zucchini noodles and use as an appetizer dip with veggies!

Word of the Day –  albahaca – basil

Tip of the Day – Use fresh basil here quickly as it goes bad fast, as ny picked green. But it sure grows well, wow!

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Throat and Lung Tea

When I had my kids around, I would keep a bag of licorice sticks, not the candy, but from the bark itself, around for when they had sore throats. They would chew on the bark and ease their sore throats immediately! It was amazing.  I believe the girls taught me that!


Recipe of the Day – Throat and Lung Tea


1 pinch each of the following




1 piece Licorice Bark

Directions: Put all the herbs in a small colander or tea strainer. Bring the water to almost a boil and pour over the herbs. Steep for twenty minutes.

Word of the Day – medicina – medicine

Tip of the Day – For respiratory function and immune support, the tea is a great way to soothe the whole upper respiratory system. And it just feels good.

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Nervous System Tea

I was pulling in to the Community Center on my bike, when a little boy on his red trike, asked me to race him. How cute is that! And he won, of course. How do spanish-speaking kids say, ‘Ready? Set…Go!” “En sus marcas, listos, fuera!”

Recipe of the Day – Calming Tea


1 pinch each of the following herbs:





Kava Kava


Rose petals

Directions: Place all herbs in a little colander or big tea strainer. Bring water to almost a boil, then pour the water over the leaves. Steep for twenty minutes,

Word of the Day – calmate – calm down

Phrase of the Day – En sus marcas, listos, fuera – On your marks, get set, go!

Tip of the Day – Be ready to go to sleep with this medicinal tea. These are intense sleep-producers, for restfulness and a balanced mood.

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