Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

My brother, Martin asked me to pick if he could bring me some things from the States. First, i was like…”No…that’s okay.” Then I said, “Hey, could you bring me a pair of jean shorts?” Later, I thought, “What about those herbs for my salves? How about a slow-cooker I can use when I’m camping? Coconut crystals, curtains, vitamin C powder, good matches! Yikes. I guess I am a material girl living in a material world.

Recipe of the Day – Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

1 T. flax seed powder in 3 T. water
1/2 c. cashews
-1/2 c. ground oats
-1-2 rounded T. raw honey
-dash vanilla
-1/4 c. chocolate chips or cacao nibs – Make chocolate bits by melting 2 T. coconut oil or cacao butter with 2 T. raw honey. Add a dash of vanilla and 2 T. cacao powder. Freeze for 10 minutes, then break apart for “chips.”

Directions: Dissolve flax in water. Grind the cashews in the food processor. Then add the oats, honey and vanilla.

Word of the Day – materiales – materials

Tip of the Day – Don’t ask for things you can get cheaply here!

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