Pomegranate Orange Green Papaya Juice

I was speaking with Wilson, the gardener and friend yesterday, who told me he once worked in Quito, the capitol for three months. He was astounded that he had to use his money to pay for papayas, bananas, all the fruits and vegetables. With goosebumps on my arms, I watched him gesture widely to the whole earth around us. “To pay for fruits and vegetables, when we are surrounded by them!” he gesticulated. I picked a pomegranate and papaya off the trees and together with his grandmother’s oranges, made us both some juice.

Recipe of the Day – Pomegranate Orange Green Papaya Juice

Seeds and pith of one pomegranate

1 whole orange, peeled

1//2 c. papaya or green papaya


Juice or blend.

Word of the Day – jugo – juice

Tip of the Day – Easy to forget to be grateful for all you’ve got. I hope I never forget.                      You can blend those ingredients above, too, with a cup of water.

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