How to open a Hairy (Hawaiian) Coconut

“Are you still camping, Dorothy?” my sister asks.      

“Yes, Because of the guests in my houses, yes! So that’s great news.

Because the “down” season for guests in Vilcabamba is May 1- July 15, so I’m really super lucky to be booked until June 30!”

“But don’t you have two houses?”

“Yes! Want to hear my rental info?!!!! I am so lucky!I have the big house, which is rented until April 30, and also May 31 – June 12.
Then I have the casita rented until today, and again Apr. 13-22, and then again May 31-June 30!!!!
Blessings, blessing, blessings.


Recipe of the Day – Coconut Water


1 hairy, Hawaiian or other Coconut


one nail

Pitcher with a strainer.

Directions: Find the soft spots on the coconut. Place a nail on top and hammer it in the three spots until they are open all the way through. Pull out the nail. Invert and pour the liquid into the cup. Drink!

Word of the Day – coco – coconut

Tip of the Day – Shake the coconut first, to see how much liquid it has.

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