Squash Blossoms Tomato Salad

Coming home to my own retreat after teaching yoga at the Monarch’s retreat, two musicians were playing on the front porch, two talking in the driveway, and two were tucked away in their casita, with one resting in the pods/cacoons. I can’t say i’m sorry the eldest is going, though. In my five years of airbnb, i have never had guests fight. This man, with his antagonism and arrogance. drove one person to leave two days early, and another couple to seriously think about it. Luckily, he’s gone now, whew, what a trial.

Recipe of the Day – Squash Blossoms Tomato Salad


1 big handful fresh thyme
1/4 c. olive oil
1/2 tsp. finely grated lemon zest

juice of 1/2 lemon
2 thin zucchini thinly shaved with your chai bo or mandoline
4 small squashes,yellow and green, thinly shaved on a mandoline
4-5 cherry small tomatoes, cut in half crosswise (1 cup)
6 zucchini or other squash blossoms, quartere
1/4 c. fresh basil leaves, torn if large, plus more for sprinkling

Pinch of red-pepper flakes
1/4 tsp. Salt
Coarsely ground pepper
1/4 c. Nut/seed cheese or ricotta

For the thyme oil -Place thyme on a cutting board, and bruise with the dull edge of a knife. Place thyme and oil in a small saucepan. Cover, and heat over medium heat until small bubbles appear. Turn off heat, and steep thyme, covered, 20 minutes. Discard sprigs, leaving loose thyme leaves in oil. Whisk together lemon zest and juice and 2 tablespoons thyme oil (reserve remaining oil for another use; it can be refrigerated up to 2 weeks).

Combine half the dressing with the zucchini, pattypan squashes, tomatoes, zucchini blossoms, basil, red-pepper flakes, and salt. Season with pepper, and toss. Divide half the salad between 2 plates, and dot with half the ricotta. Top with remaining salad and remaining ricotta. Drizzle with remaining dressing, and sprinkle with basil.

Word of the Day – huesped – guest

Tip of the Day – Search for pretty, edible squash blossoms for this salad. They don’t have to be zucchinis.

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