Marinated Mushrooms

I’m very tired these days from the new workout added to my classes – biking 25 minutes to San Joaquin at dawn, teaching 1-2 classes and biking back, and sometimes into town, as well. But i guess I never or seldom biked at 6 a.m,. and it is gosh-darn beautiful. The pristine white geese are lined up in a row today. The horses all have their heads turned towards me, or is it to the rising sun? Three Ecuadorians call my name out, “Dorotea?” which makes me smile.

Recipe of the Day – Marinated Mushrooms


s Portabella/Crimini mushrooms, chopped into 1/2 inch squares

1 T. coconut aminos or wheat-free Nama Shoyu

1 T.Raw coconut or apple cider Vinegar

1 T. dried basil Optional – 1 T. vegan worcestershire sauce

Directions: Marinate mushrooms in sauce for 12 hours. Serve as a side or topping to any meal.

Word of the Day – hongos – mushrooms

Tip of the Day – Serve over brown rice, yum!

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