Passionfruit Oat Smoothie

I went to this Memorial for a guest friend, and an Ecuadorian friend of mine made this beautiful drink, Passionfruit Oat Smoothie. It was so good, that I had  two glasses, very unusual for me. The oat milk calms down the tartness for the maracuya – the passionfruit. And makes it just delicious!

Recipe of the Day – Passionfruit Oat Smoothie


2-3 passionfruits

1 qt. water

2 heaping T. oats

optional: banana, almonds, coconut, mango

Direections: Take the wrinkly, yellow passionfruits and slice in half, Scoop the pulp and seeds into the blender. Pour in three cups of water and blend thoroughly. Strain through a cheesecloth or sprout bag into a pitcher. Discard the ground seeds. Then, pour the mixture back into the blender with the last cup of water and the oats. Blend well,

Word of the Day – maracuya – passionfruit

Tip of the Day – I watched the kids at this Memorial. They play, sing, and don’t treat the suffering children any differently. They do have great respect if a friend is sad, and that’s it!

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