Greens and Brown Rice with Turmeric Peanuts and Raisins

Carnival is here – a fiesta dating back to the 1860′ which lasts for five days, Water, eggs, flour are freely thrown at folks in the plazas or on the streets. This afternoon we attended one of the opening festivals. Each has its’ own ‘flavor’, all with music, bands, dance, performance and of course foam sprays all over everybody. I put up my umbrella whenever a water gun appeared.

Recipe of the Day – Greens and Brown Rice with Turmeric Peanuts and Raisins


1 c. Brown rice

2 1/2 c. Water

2 c. Beet greens, chopped

1/2 c. Peanuts roasted in

1 T. Turmeric

1/4 c. Raisins

Directions: Boil the water, then add the rice. Reduce heato simmer and keep covered for 40-45 minutes until soft and fluffy. Meanwhule, brush a skillet ot toaster pan with coconut oil. Turn to high hear. Put the peanuts in a bag and dust with the turmeric. Shake well and pour into skillet. Toast for 2-3 minutes, turning the nuts several times. Throw in the greens for a couple minutes until slightly wilted. Serve over the brown rice with raisins.

Word/Phrase of the Day – a(l) fin de cuentas – when it comes down to it

Tip of the Day – Avoid Carnavale if you don’t want to get sprayed with wet foam. It gets pretty crazy.

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