Quick Chokecherry (Capuli) Chia Jam

Well, Taxi driver friend Roberto came through again. My guests, friends couldn’t find their cell phone, looked all over the place, traversing through dirt and rain over a period of several hours. Then, we got a message from Dear Roberto, who found it in his taxi and was bringing it over. Wow. No wonder everyone calls him their angel.

chokechaerry (capuli) imageRecipe of the Day – Chokecherry Jam


1 c. chokecherries, washed

1 T. chia seeds

2 leaves stevia, or 1 tsp. honey

Directions: Blend. It becomes thicker as it sits with the chia seeds.

Word the Day – celular – cell phone

Tip of the Day – These chokecherries , part of The Pre-Columbian Capulí culture, can be foraged wild! Another great way to get fruit packed with vitamins and antioxidants, right from the living tree.Even the roots and bark are used medicinally, especially for the repiratory system!

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