Medicinal Uses for the Tobacco Plant

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Tobacco leaf

Recipe of the Day – Tobacco Medicinal Tea

1 leaf and stem of the tobacco plant

1 qt. Water


If you’ve dried the plant, grind it up and use 1 tsp. If the dried herb in your herb tea strainer. If it’s fresh, use a piece of the stem and leaf that will fit in your pot. Bring the water almost to a boil. Tirn off. Then add the tobacco and infuse for 20 minutes. Drink, use in your ceremony for i haling to the third eye/sinuses. Or submerge a washcloth to use for washing an infected area. .

Word of the Day – tobaco – tobacco

Tip of the Day – Do not use this plant whimsically. It has been used by Indians for toothache, earache, to clear sinus conditions, as a poultice for insect bites, particularly the spider, as an insect repellant, in Shaman ceremonies to breathe up into your sinus area, to awaken the third eye. It is a stimulant for the brain and nervous system in high doses, and a depressant in small doses. Not to be used lightly, it has been the cause of deaths with overuse and misuse.

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