James’ Three Bean Chili

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Three Bean ChiliRecipe of the Day – 3 Bean Chili


1 c. Garbanzos

1/2 c. Lentils

1 pot water

1 chopped onion

3-4 cloves mashed garlic

1/2 c. New Mexico chili powder

1/4 c. Cumin

1 T. Salt

1 1/2 c. Black beans

2 ripe tomatoes

1 red pimento pepper

1 green pimento pepper

1 sm. White onion

1/2 c. Pearled barley

James’ Directions:

What’s  for dinner the day after hanging the feedbag? 3 bean vegan Chili. This will make about10 cups. Chili is like lasagne…it gets better the more it ages..Freeze some eat some.
Soak Garbanzos and Lentils in a bowl of hot water. Put to the side.
Bring a liter of water to a boil. Add onion chopped, garlic,  chili powder,  cumin,  sal and black beans. Boil the hell out of the black beans for 30 minutes. Turn off heat.
Boil Water to skin a couple ripe tomatoes. On the bottom of each tomatoes make an X about 2 inches. Each way. When Water boils drop tomatoes in and cover. Remove from heat. In about 15 minutes rip the skin off like an old bandage…should almost fall off. Put these tomatoes less any core in a bowl.
Roast a red and green pimento pepper. Blackened. Let cool for 30 minutes. Flake off skin, remove seeds and place in bowl with tomatoes. Take kitchen scissors and cut tomatoes and peppers to a texture like salsa. Chop up the white onion. Put in the bowl with tomatoes and pimentos peppers. Place to the side.
Reheat Black beans. Add Garbanzos and Lentils. Add the barley. Cover and simmer for 1/1/2 hour. Make sure you have enough water. Check frequently. Add water as needed. Do not let beans burn on the bottom.
After an 1 1/2 hours check to make sure beans are getting soft. Remove from heat and let the pot sit for 45 minutes. Stir as needed.
Reheat beans and barley chili mix. Add Tomatoes, Peppers and new onions. About 30 minutes. Be sure to keep from any burning to occur on the bottom. Add water but the consistency should be getting like chili. Remove from heat for 30 minutes. Taste and adjust spices as needed.
Take a hand blender and coarsely blend chili (in the pot).

Word of the Day – mi mismo – my self

Tip of the Day –Wine Suggestion: Sangria or a frozen margarita with frozen sangria..aka.Uncle Julio Swirl (adult slurpee)
Ole! Buen Provecho!

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