How to Harvest and Make Aloe Vera Gel

This is for my youngest brother, and for you, too! I was at his house. He asked me to show him how to cut and take the aloe vera gel, we got to talking, and both of us completely forgot! So, here it is!

Recipe of the Day – Harvesting Aloe Vera


1 4-inch slice from the aloe plant

1 6 oz. glass jar with a lid

1 tsp. Vitamin C powder

Enough water to fill the jar


With a sharp knife, slice a 4-inch section of the aloe vera leaf. Hold the leaf upside down and let the yellow liquid drain into a bowl. Discard, as it is a powerful laxative, unless you want to take a little to clear out your body. I did, the first time, and boy did it work on me, for twenty-four hours! Anyway, slice the leaf lengthwise, then in half, so you can scrape the gel. You can use a good spoon or the knife. Keep scraping until you get it all out, then pour it into the jar. Add the vitamin C and water,then pour the whole thing into a blender and blend well. Pour it back into the jar and wait while the foam subsides. Keep refrigerated.

Word of  the Day – sabila – aloe vera

Tip of the Day – Put some into your drinks daily, you’ll barely taste it! It will heal holes in your colon and cool the digestive system. Put on your skin daily to heal wrinkles, wounds and bug-bites and other boo-boos. Google it to see all the other amazing effects of aloe vera!

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