Guayaba Passionfruit Smoothie

After reading my blog about bike-riding for a year, a lovely friend helped me, taught me to clean my bike, clean the chain, get in there and dig out the debris. I also sharpened my own machetes this month, trimmed the banana trees of their old, huge leaves, and cleaned my rain gutters – all firsts! A lot of firsts since being on my own.

Guayaba passionfruitRecipe of the Day – Guayaba Passionfruit Smoothie

1/2 c. Frozen or fresh guayaba

1 passionfruit

1 frozen banana

1 c. Water

2 stevia leaves

optional – 2 handfuls greens

Directions : Blend.

Word of the Day – reparar – to fix

Tip of the Day – I know I often forget, but you can google how to do anything these days. We are so lucky to live in a country with Internet!

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