Anti-Rodent Pepper Spray

Whoa! The dogs and I looked up at the ceiling of my little bungalow in alarm. Some huge animal scurried across. So fast, and so loud! The dogs never bark or try to get it, ss they would a rat. A guanchaca? A possum, a raccoon? I keep going out with my flashlight, every dang single night, but he stops as soon as I shine the light. So…noctunal, for sure. Only, last night was the last straw.He stayed on the roof all night. I didn’t get much sleep, until it occurred to me that he stopped if i shone a light. So everytime i heard one sound, I shone the flashlight up at that spot on the ceiling. It worked! Every time! I kept falling asleep holding the flashlight up in the air, but it was worth it. I refuse to have rat poison around the house, after going through the debacle with my lovely cat, Cuko, and his death. So I am trying cloves tonight, then pepper spray tomorrow. We’ll see what works.

Guanchaca - possum-type marsupialRecipe of the Day – Pepper Spray


6-8 whole red peppers with capsicum, Or

2 T. Powdered red pepper
1 gal. Water
6 drops Liquid castile soap
Plastic spray bottle

Stir whole peppers or powdered red pepper into warm water. Add the castile soap and stir to blend thoroughly. Cover the container and allow it to stand at room temperature.
Pour into a spray bottle. Shake it well. Store the pepper solution in a tightly closed container. Label and date the container clearly. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.

Word of the Day – guanchaca – opossum (here in Vilca) also – zarigüeya

Tio of the Day -Spray it on the plants you want to protect, from insects and animals, morning or night, as well. Always wear gloves and eye protection before using this spray––it can burn your skin and eyes if it touches them and it’s painful. Be sure to spray the entire plant, for full protection.
Shake before using.
Do not spray this on windy days. The back spray may hit you!
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