Smoothie for Cancer

WIth so many of my acquaintances and one ex-husband suffering from cancer right now, I thought I’d put up a good-for-you smoothie to fight cancer and build your immune system. I’ve asked you how you feel, and you seem to mostly say it’s like having the flu in your bones every day of your life. My hats off to your bravery and thanks for reminding us to keep healthy and strong, avoid the sugar and keep away from the wrong fats that cancer love. Here’s to you.

imageRecipe of the Day – Cancer Smoothie


1 1/2 c. Water ot tea of choice

2 basil leaves, fresh

1/4 head purple cabbage

1 small beet

1/2 lime with the pith and seeds

1/2 ” ginger root

1 carrot

Directions: Blend or juice as desired.

Word of the Day – cancer – cancer

Tip of the Day – My lovely friend, the one I was working/juicing for, says, with aliveness, “You know, Dorothy, I did the juicing, I did the cannabis oil. There is no sign of cancer in my body. But honestly, I feel like, more than anything, it is just being here, here in Vilcabamba, that created thw healing. Tell your friends to just be here and heal.”

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