How to Open a Thai or Ecuadorian Coconut

At the end of our yoga practice, I had the sudden desire to go around the room and ask everyone how long they’d been practicing. It was a group of us elderly folks, no youth, and I believe they had all told me, at one time, or another how long they’d been doing yoga.  There was quiet, and then, in subdued voices, came the answers: “23, 28, 20, 40, whoa, and then one more…60 years.” I was humbled to be to the facilitator. “Why were they letting me be the teacher? They answered, laughingly, “Because it’s nice to have a leader and not have to think. ”  “Because you tell us how good we’re doing!” “Because of the neck rub at the end.” Ha ha. They all laughed. Okay. But I’m still humbled and honored to do yoga with them.

imageRecipe/How-To of the Day – Open a Thai or Ecuadorian Coconut

This how-to is for young Thai coconuts, but is pretty much the same for the Ecuadorian coconut, and without any fancy coconut tools!  Peel off the top and sides with a good sharp knife. Using the other side, the nub of the knife, knock the edge and all around until you can peel up the top of the coconut.

Word of the Day – coco- coconut

Tip of the Day – Great for drinking the liquid, eating the coconut, making smoothies and puddings!

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