Ginger Chest Steam

I had this tickle in my chest for two weeks, and now it’s gone, woohoo! Because my daughter reminded me to steam my head and lungs/upper respiratory system. Here’s the recipe that worked for me.
GingerRecipe of the Day- Ginger Steam Bath

Ginger helps to reduce the inflammation in the respiratory tract. It also has antibacterial and analgesic properties that help to clear chest congestion and treat cough.


1/2 ” ginger root

1 pot water, filled to almost the top


Cut a freshly peeled ginger root into little pieces, or grate. Bring a pot of water to almost boiling and add the ginger. Sit with your head over the pot, not too close to burn your face, though. Put a towel over your head to keep the steam in the tent. Breathe in for 10-20 minutes, until steam is no longer there. Get ready with your tissues to blow your nose!

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Tip of the Day – 
Repeat once or twice a day, and daily, until your chest feels normal again. You can also chew on the ginger, or garlic, or add turmeric. Try steaming eucalyptus, my favorite, and drink honey with ginger tea, wih a couple drops of hot pepper in it. This bath also cleanses your pores, so splash some water on your face after! What’s your favorite steam bath?

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