Clare’s DIY Teepee Instructions

So often, riding my bike, a chicken, the same chicken? Crosses the road in front of me.  And I say, “Seriously! Why, chicken, why? Why did the chicken cross the road?” He only keeps taking his time and strutting his big walk with chest held cocky-high.

Recipe of the Day – Tee-Pee DIYimage


For a full-size Tee-Pee that sleeps two adults you will need:
4- 8′ round poles/dowels (or guadua!) for the base
4- 10′ round poles/dowels (or guadua!) for the tent poles
1- 24’x 12′ canvas “painter’s” drop cloth
20 screws
12′ earth-toned rope/thick twine

I’m gonna have these as new places for campers on Airbnb/Other guests!

Word of the Day – huespedes – guests

Tip of the Day – When searching for housing, you sure gotta consider the rain in Ecuador. Canvas works great!

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