Chia Cuke Salad in Banana Leaf

image Where does the machete go? The good one, just the right weight, the right size for me. It’s like a magnet being drawn into the hands of a worker. And I need to cut all the banana leaves off a hundred trees. I know. But I gotta do it while I’m motivated. So I will use this hacksaw-type thing, a toothed, curved saw. And you know what? It works better than the machetes! Woohoo! Makes me feel good to be able to do manual labor again.

Recipe of the Day – Chia Cuke Salad


1 large thinly sliced cucumber

3. 1/ 2 T. Rice vinegar or lemon

1/ 2 T.  Chia seeds

1/ 2 tsp. coconut sugar or stevia powder

1/4 tsp. salt to taste


Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl, except chia seeds and allow it to  sit for one hour or more, Sprinkle the chia seeds right before serving in a big banana leaf!

Word of the Day – pepino – cucumber

Tip of the Day – Goood, easy party or barbecue dish!

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