Alfalfa Pineapple Juice

See what my lovely neighbors gave me this morning? Such friends, always there, always giving, loading my arms with papayas, citrus, alfalfa and more.  And standing on their mountaintop, gazing up the fiery rocks, looming above us – well what a gift. I sure was blessed to land on this mountain.

Pineapple AlfalfaRecipe of the Day – Pineapple Alfalfa Juice


1 c. Pineapple
½ lb. Alfalfa Sprouts
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
2 c.  Water ot cold tea
2 drops stevia or sweetener,  if desired.

Directions: Juice or blend.

Word of the Day – alfalfa – alfalfa

Tip of the Day – Another green that’s high in protein, alfalfa is also high in a lot of vitamins, cool!

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