Q&A – GMO corn

Q – Hi, Dorothy, I’ve been told to avoid dog food that contains corn. Have you heard anything like this? It may just be American company’s use of a poor source. I don’t know, but had to pass this on for your dog. Peg with Love 287691

A: I hear you. Luckily, Monsanto didn’t reach some of the farms here with his seeds. so they appear to be GMO-free!

Q: So glad for you!

A: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. The places I like will bring their corn seeds out and show you how different they are from the GMO seeds. And they taste so good! And at some point, you decide to not trust, and never buy them, or trust, bless your food, and live as happily as possible. And then there’s Bill Nye, the Science Guy, who led me through my school-teaching years, saying GMO doesn’t necessarily mean bad. So what’re you gonna do? Follow your instincts, I guess, in every situation… Then bless your food and love your doggy!

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