Lentils and Rice with Lemon-Peel Olive Oil

This is the proud father of the new-born baby, born in my casita. What a day! And what a happy face for a 22-year old.

lentils riceRecipe of the Day – Crock-Pot Lentils and Rice with Lemon-Peel Olive Oil


1 c. Brown rice

1/2 c. Lentils

2 c. Water

1 tsp. Olive oil

1/4 c. Lemon peels

optional – 1 c. sliced mangoes


  1. Soak the lemon peels in the olive oil.
  2. Cook the brown rice with the lentils. Then throw them all together with the water, in your crock-pot.
  3. If you have a high, medium, low setting, set it to medium, but if you don’t, you could set it on high for the first hour, then low for two hours.
  4. When thoroughly cooked and all the water is absorbed, serve into bowls and drizzle with the lemon-infused olive oil.
  5. Top with sliced mango, if desired.

Word of the Day -nacio – born

Tip of the Day – Use the crock-pot when you know it would be  so nice to have your dinner ready when you come home. Like someone else cooked it!

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