Kombucha Lotion

I was so happy the last two times at Sunday Market, to have a youth drinking green juice next to me at the juice stand. And enjoying it and commenting to me how strong it makes him. The youth of this world are getting so smart and starting to eat healthy so young!

And speaking of youths we have a new child born into this world, a new baby born right here in Vilca Retreat, woohoo! Now, that’s a blessing.

lavenderlotionRecipe of the Day – Kombucha Lotion


2 T. melted coconut oil
1 T. aloe vera gel
2 tsp. kombucha
1- 2 drops Essential Oil of choice (I used lavender today and its wonderful.)


  1. Stir with a whisk.
  2. Pour into a jar with an air-tight lid.
  3. Massage a small amount into clean skin.
  4. Use twice or more daily.
  5. Store the leftovers in a cool, dark place.

Word of the Day – jovenes – youth

Tip of the Day – Use this lotion everyday for your dry skin. And put it on age spots and cancer spots. The Manchurian Mushroom is well-known for it’s stories on cancer and other healings!

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