Coconut Kale Smoothie

This isn’t  a very good way to start a post, but there you go. I got food poisoning. And it wasn’t an Ecuadorian food. It was from the coconut oil from the Wal-Mart in Bozeman, Mt. The first day I tasted it in some chocolate, I thought maybe I had too much. Nausea. I just couldn’t believe it was from the coconut oil. The second time I tried it in some oat cookies. My whole belly swelled up and I had nausea all day. So you’d think I would get the message, right? But, no. A few days later I made a different set of gluten-free oat cookies, same recipe and ingredients I always use. This time, nausea all day, including the swelling of the whole stomach area. Then, I threw up off and on for three hours. Yikes. The only thing I could swallow was a leaf of buscapina and mint. And the next day, a green smoothie went down nice and easy. Here it is!

A friend in town rubbed my back, sore from the kidneys being taxed. And then paid for my taxi home so I wouldn’t have to ride my bike. What! I am loved. It sure felt nice to be taken care of.

Curly Kale and CoconutRecipe of the Day – Coconut Kale Smoothie


1 frozen banana, peeled

1 orange, peeled and seeded

1 medium carrot, chopped

3 c. kale leaves

1 c. tea, almond or coconut milk



Word of the Day: blend – mezcla

Tip of the Day: Drink the green juices and smoothies immediately, before they lose their vitamins and oxidize. The calm alkalinity sure feels good on an upset tummy!

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