Raw and Easy Caramel

Tiko asked for Toto’s leash, as he often does on our way back from our walk. And they scurried ahead, usually to go inside the gate, turn around, sit down and wait for me. But today, I realized the gate had closed and they couldn’t get in. I went up to the apex of the road, and there was Tiko looking at me. “Where’s Toto?” I asked him. He literally looked up the mountain, (this dog is like Lassie or Rin Tin Tin!), then took off up the mountain to show me Toto in his dirty whiteness, sitting so still and patiently, his leash caught around a bush. So sweet!                                                                                                  

The way down was a bit treacherous, for me. Luckily I was wearing my boots, and just at the last moment, a hand reached through the bushes to guide me down the steepest part. It was my neighbor, Fanny, the lovely Ecuatoriana who caught me in my Oscar the Grouch pjs, the other day. What a marvel, that she would leave her house down the road and come up here for her walk, to meet and help me at that precise moment!!

rawcaramelRecipe of the Day – Easy Caramel


10 dates, soaked and pitted

the soak water

juice of one lemon



  1. Ground ten dates, soaked for 10 minutes, and pitted. in the food processor, using a little of the soak water and juice of one lemon. That’s it!

Word of the Day – bosque – forest

Tip of the Day – For a sweet tooth, make this quickly and you won’t want any more sweets for awhile! Take it traveling, and dip apple slices in it!

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