The Super Veggie Juice

Letter to my daughter. while in Montana – “Yeah, I worked last night, ’til midnight!
And luckily, it was the last day! So now I have 4 days off.
I’m going to meet Ellen again at the Kombucha bar, how fun!
We already had a chocolate shake the other day.
And Casey met me at the library, and Judy and Heidi came over.
I do reiki for Gunnar tomorrow, see
James Taylor on Monday
and do reiki for Gunnar’s fiance, Ashley on Tues.
Going to Hyalite Canyon with Clare, out to eat and doing errands. And I am loving justdriving around Bozeman, feeling the breeze and vibrancy of the people, the land, the space, the trees, and being with my family, so, so much!
It’s a wonderful life, isn’t it?

I’ve been having this every morning at my daughter, Clare’s house, with veggies from her own organic garden!

Recipe of the Day – Super Veggie Juice

1 apple

handful different lettuces

1 c. beets

1 c. cold tea of choice

Directions: Juice.

Word of the Day – concierto – concert

Tip of the Day – Don’t be scared if you drink beet juice a couple days in a row and your pee turns red/purple. The beet juice stores in your intestines and carries out all the impurities. Cool, huh!

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