Quick Fruit Sorbet

“Having trouble with men, are you?” James Garner asks. “Nothing but,” Sally Fields answers. (Movie – Murphy’s Romance)

Here are some common blow-off lines given me to my daughter, Clare.

M-What’s your sign?

W – A stop sign


M -Can I follow you back to your place?

W -I don’t know. Can two people fit under a rock?


W – I’ve got to take a nap.


W – I don’t speak english. (Good one in Vilca)


M – Haven’t i seen you somewhere before?

W – Yes, and that why I don’t go there anymore.


Recipe of the Day – Fruit Sorbet


1 c. Apple or orange juice

1 banana

6 strawberries

2 ice cubes


Blend. Pour into dessert cups.

Word of the Day – mujeres – women

Tip of the Day – Be yourself. The last guy said all these hit lines, like, “I came here for you. you are my soul-mate.” We just met for goodness, sake. I didn’t answer, out of surprise. He said, “Did you hear what I said?”  I said, in truth, “Yes, I was just letting it all sink in.”  And that was that!

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