Orange Cranberry Sauce

Once in awhile my son will ask me, “Are you a feminist?”  To which I say, “Well, I resist labels, in general. I believe, “To label me, is to negate me.” I don’t want to be labeled anything: a teacher, a master, a meditator, a…whatever. But in this case, I respond with, “I’m not a feminist, I just do what want!”

However, knowing that does come with a certain knowledge that I am the product of a culture who pretty much lets me do that. I’m not confined by religion, conventions, or anyone else’s beliefs. So I am dang lucky, as well.

Recipe of the Day – Cranberry Orange Sauce.


2 c. cranberries
Juice of 1 orange, or a whole orange or tangerine
1 apple
1 c. dates, soaked 10 minutes

Put all in the blender or food processor and blend with a little water. Eat by itself, on top of a sliced banana, or on top of raw stuffing!

Word do the Day – feminino – feminine

Tip of the Day – Make this into a smoothie by adding a little water or apple juice, and a banana!

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2 thoughts on “Orange Cranberry Sauce

    1. Yes, here in Vilca it is such a different, micro-climate. But other berries work just as beautifully in this recipe!

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