Mango Bites

You know how my big computer finally crashed? And I so didn’t have the money, any money to buy a new one. Anyway, I was at my daughter’s house in Portland, and her friend handed me a new/laptop! A 2010 Imac oh my gosh!!!! You see how I’m taken care of, I can barely breathe!

Recipe of the Day – Mango Bites

1 1/4 c. raw walnuts or cashews, or a mix
2 c. fresh mango
10 pitted, soaked dates (save the date water)
2 T. chia or flax seeds
1/3 c. shredded coconut
optional: 1 lime, zested
Pinch sea salt

Grind the nuts in a food processor, reaching a fine meal. Add the dates, seeds, coconut and lime until a sticky ball starts to form.Add mango and roll into little balls.Then roll in more shredded coconut and/or seeds. Chill.

Word of the Day – computadora – computer

Tip of the Day – These store in the freezer for up to a month. Great to take out when you have sudden guests!

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