Strawberry Smoothie

Walking the property, taking a look at the casita where I spent the first year here, the little one=room with the outdoor propane stove. Plenty of space for me.I swept a little, then walked out back to the garden, grabbed a few berries, then up the hill which I used to think was a chore to climb. Now it is nothing. Pulled some different berries and saw Tiko rolling over in the grass. “Roll over, Tiko,” I encouraged him with a berry over his nose. He still remembers. I walked forward and did a handstand. “Wait a minute! That’s the first time you did one outside without the help of a wall! Wasn’t that on your dream list? Oh my gosh!”

Recipe of the Day – Fresa Smoothie


6 strawberries

1 frozen banana

1/2 c. raspberry leaf tea

1 sm. handful mora or blackberries

2 pinches stevia powder

Directions: Blend,

Word of the Day – fresa – strawberry

Tip of the Day – Go with your energy. Don’t worry.

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